"Bucher Municipal has delivered more than 10 Gmeiner TruckConcept salt spreaders since 2008, as a supplier for our company. I am writing this letter of recommendation to confirm that the salt spreaders meet the technical standards as well as the safety and quality requirements of our company. Bucher Municipal offered us practical and useful solutions under economic aspects. The long experience in producing winter maintenance equipment makes Gmeiner to an interesting and reliable supplier of salt spreaders also for the future. Due to the good performance of these salt spreaders we have given Bucher Municipal this letter of recommendation to pass it further."

Vincent Neubauer

State Construction Office Würzburg



    "Kahlbacher is the Austrian largest independent provider of winter maintenance equipment. For our current product portfolio, Kahlbacher has conducted an extensive analysis of potential spreader manufacturers. As a result of this, Bucher Municipal was selected as a nominated sub supplier for the overall design, manufacturing and final assembly of the salt spreaders. Bucher Municipal has offered practical and useful solutions to meet our technical and economic requirements. To date Bucher Municipal has proven to be an interesting and reliable business partner displaying its long experience and knowledge in manufacturing winter maintenance equipment. Since 2008 we bought more than 50 units of TruckConcept spreaders from Bucher Municipal to distribute into the Austrian market. Consequently we can recommend Bucher Municipal as supplier for salt spreaders without any reservations."

Ing. Martin Freisinger

Kahlbacher Machinery GmbH