High-value spreading machines for medium-size and large trucks

Available in container size from 4.0 m³ up to 9.0 m³


Series Phoenix

The new Phoenix – a product of practical thinking, is able to optimize the development and sustainable work. Available in container sizes from 4.0 m³ to 9.0 m³, Phoenix is optimized for the carrier vehicles of all well-known truck manufacturers. A combination of modular container construction, reliable auger system, an up-to-date pre-wetted salt device, installation systems, propulsion types, sensors and controls allow an exact coordination of the winter road clearance application on roads, main roads and motorways.

The particularly high-quality finish of the Phoenix spreaders is designed for permanent use even under the severest conditions. All materials used meet the strictest quality standards. The latest robotic welding technology and advanced painting process are aimed at consistent durability and high efficiency.

The Phoenix spreaders entail a high level of reliability, a fi rst-class service and a favourable price performance ratio. The excellent equipment fi nish and the use of tried-and-tested components are a further proof of the great technical expertise built into our machines.



Spreading group - Optimal pre-wetted salt spreading thanks to EcoWet


EcoWet is the result of many years of intensive research and development. The aim was to develop a completely new type of salt/brine mixing system which, in combination with the asymmetrical spreading pattern adjustment, leads to a perfect mixing of the dry salt with brine. A clumping of the material is effectively prevented by the variable nozzle technology (1). The spray (2) coming out of the nozzle automatically adjusts its width to the amount of the dry salt (3). The result is an optimum moisture penetration of the dry salt with brine and a perfect distribution of the spreading material over the entire spreading width (4).



Phoenix Spreader



Salt missing sensor


( optional ) Salt missing sensor with visualization on the driver’s cabin display.

Slip sheet unit


Made of high density polyethylene with a round cross-section, preventing a clumping of loose material in the tube even at particularly low temperatures.

Demount systems


( optional ) Standard systems for the unloaded spreader, automatic demount system for unlouded or loaded spreaders and also systems for hook-lifts.

Side tanks


( optional ) Tanks constructed by sturdy and light-weight recyclable polyethylene.

PVC hopper cover


( optional ) PVC hopper folding cover manually opened from the ground with steel structure.

Warning lights


( optional ) Various systems with rotary beacons, winking and fl ashing lights can be supplied on request.

Winter service warning signage


( optional ) Retrorefl ective material for rear and side warning signage.

Specially painted spreader container


Made of welded high-strength steel by the latest robots. High-quality powder coating for a long life-cycle.



( optional ) AISI 304 stainless steel ladder in the rear right part, for an easy accessibility.

Well-designed device box with integrated lighting unit


( optional ) Material made by highly durable and UV-resistant polyethylene. It offers an optimum protection for the warning lights and the hydraulic and electrical distributors.

LED work light


It provides very bright lighting in the work area. The housing is dust- and damp-proof.

Spreader distributor


Consisting of a stainless steel spreader disc with a special plastic cone and a modern spreader cover made of high resistant plastic material.



Latest generation microprocessor control-systems, with maximum fl exibility in programming and viewing the different spreading parameters: width, asymmetry and dosage depending on the vehicle speed. Six different tools in all-in-one control box.

Route-Inform and Route-Replay


Used together with Ecosat GPS. Satellite assisted data collection and processing for fully automatic spreading.

Conveyor screw system


It allows a particularly even feed of different spreading materials. Even emptying by using various curves. Also available with stirrer on request.



Throughout the vehicle hydraulic system the features comply with the European Standards EN15431.

Auxiliary engine


Driven by an air-cooled ( A / D ) or liquid-cooled Diesel engine.

Fifth wheel


Driven by a fi fth wheel and supported by a telescopic arm, the piston pump with anticavitation valve can work in a front and rear direction.

ESBV - Electronic spread pattern programmer


A powerful servomotor and a potentiometer enable the symmetric and asymmetric setting of the spreading pattern. Waterproof to IP 67 protection rating.

DuoShift powershift transmission


Multi-level spur gears ( optional ) with uniform performance over the entire nominal range. High breakaway torque and maximum conveying capacity.

Liquid salt pump unit


Equipped with a plastic, maintenance-free, highperformance gear pump. The solid / liquid mixing ration is controlled electrically by using the control panel in the cab.

Equipment box


It offers an optimum protection for the hydraulic block, the junction box and the black box. Dampproof sealing. With gas-pressure spring support.

Equipment safety cover


Light construction made of stainless steel and highly resistant GFK material.

Demount system P1


Demount system with galvanized telescopic feet with crank. Higher front feet for an easy loading onto vehicles provided with side panels.

Demount system P3


Automatic demount system for tipper, with front rollers and feet fi tting into the spreader. The unloading can be done automatically from the driver’s cab.

Demount sysstem P3 / 15T


P3 system reinforced for a total carrying capacity of 15 tons.

Demount system P4


Demount system for hook-lift complete of slide, protection guard for the vehicle platform and adjustable height rear rollers.