Power installation


Hydraulic diagram

Hydraulic system  with pumps, distributor, oil tank and control system.



Econamic communal hydraulic



Hydraulic system powered by the PTO of the engine


In compliance with the EN 15431 standard, the circuit 1 is used for the implement handling. The circuit 2 is used for spreaders or brushes, sign posts washing machines or for similar equipment with continuous use.

High power circuit for multipurpose vehicles


Third circuit for high performance, able to supply up to 100 kW power for driving snow blowers, mowers or tunnel washing machines.

Electrohydraulic distributor


Electrohydraulic distributor with a floating element, connected to circuit 1, complete with a maximum general pressure valve and connections for checking each item.

Oil tank


Oil tank unit with filters and supports for the attachment to the chassis.

Oil cooling system


Oil cooling system with Air-Oil intercooler in a protected position, if it is necessary. In this way the oil temperature is kept controlled, thus avoiding loss of power.

Easycom control panel


Easycom Control panel in the cabin for all the equipment functions, the hydraulic systems and the auxiliary lights. The display allows the verification of the performed actions and at the same time of the plant operation control.